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Women Physician Life Coaches

I watched this video earlier today and have to share it because I believe in this work and need to share it with others who need it.

Coaching is literally what I craved and unknowingly dreamed of as a 3rd year family practice resident and new mom who was wondering what on earth I had done and how I could make it all work. How I could love this tiny beautiful baby boy, love our little family, show up fully as a mom and wife (because I honestly dreamed of being a "housewife" and mom as much as, if not more than, being a physician), but still function as a physician in the career I had spent most of my life dreaming about. I had strong, loving matriarchs in my grandmoms and mom who I wanted so much to emulate. Being a strong presence of love at home was a desire I felt deep in my heart. But now I was a doctor and I had no idea how I could do that in what had traditionally been a high pressured, self-sacrificing career. I forged my own path but it was not without a lot of baggage over my choices.

But now, I give thanks to Brooke, Bev, my teachers, my peers, Sunny, Ali, Devon, and all the brave physicians who have gone before me and decided there was more for us. Now I am part of changing the landscape of medicine one mind at a time ❤️

I’m learning to live life on my own terms every day. Not for what the world thinks I should do.

I’ve learned to better manage anxiety & stress. So much better. At a time when I didn’t realize how much I would need it. Still a work in progress but now that I know that no matter what, life is a mix 50/50 mix of positive and negative emotions, I know that’s ok. I used to think there was a place I’d arrive when it was just happiness all the time and that made me wonder what I was doing wrong when I worried, felt sad, etc.

I’m a better physician. I love it. I’m whole in that identity now and I have no doubt I show up better as a doctor.

I’m less of a perfectionist, a black and white thinker, less all or none.

I’m a more present, thoughtful, and intentional wife, mom, and daughter.

I could keep going but I’m sure you’ve zoned out by now or get the point. But for those of you who needed to hear this, I got you ❤

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