My Story

Jaime Schrenk, D.O.

Family Practice and Hospice and Palliative Medicine Physician

I began to dream about becoming a physician as a little girl.  I followed the well laid out path, worked extremely hard, and checked all the boxes on the way to achieving my goal.  Unfortunately, as so many of us do, I lost myself along the way by giving of myself tirelessly, always second guessing myself, feeling guilty when I felt like there had to be more in life, and constantly feeling desperate to escape medicine.  I felt like medicine was my $250,000 mistake.   This made me feel such deep shame.  I desperately searched for other options, always examining the S.E.A.K. pamphlet when it arrived or thinking about transitioning to utilization management or pharma.  None of it felt right but rather like a desperate attempt to get out of medicine.  I actually had a job I would have found fulfilling if it weren't for the self-doubt, guilt, fear of making a mistake, and feelings of having a dirty little secret that I really did not want to be in medicine at all.  I really wanted to be a SAHM and love on my kids all day.  My passion was at home so I worked hard to create a flexible schedule that allowed me to do both but I always felt like although I was enjoying being home and involved at school, I was still not enjoying it like I should.  Although I had a position I could have enjoyed, I felt "less than" because it was not following the traditional path of medicine.  When I was at work, I felt guilt about not being at home and when I was at home, I felt guilt about not being at work. Something was holding me back from fully embracing the life I created...shame over not wanting to work in FT clinical medicine...guilt over taking up a spot in medical school...imposter syndrome because I wasn't always at work growing like everyone else.  This all changed for me when I hired a physician life coach who taught me that my brain simply had a thought that it had then worked hard on for years to create evidence that it was true.  But it was only that, a thought I had that led to feelings, actions, and eventually the result I had created in my life.  And then she taught me HOW to change it and my world was forever changed.  We applied this principle to my medical career, to how I was feeling as a mom and wife, to learning how to relax, to recognizing my true purpose both in and out of medicine, to knowing I have the choice and power to create anything I want and my options are truly limitless.  I know there are many of you out there who feel like I did.  Stuck.  I believed it 100%.  I believed it was a fact.  It was not.  I was so transformed by this work that I decided to become certified through The Life Coach School so that I have the power to help others through this journey and to figure out how to come out on the other side.    I started coaching certification somewhat expecting it to be a path out of medicine to a higher calling for me, but now I have found my joy IN medicine.  Unexpectedly.  And I love coaching.  The two together are a beautiful blend for me. Now I want to help you find freedom so you can enjoy your one life to the fullest.  Love on your people.  Love yourself and know your worth.  Rediscover your passions.  Love medicine again.  Explore a non-traditional path you may have considered but did not think was an actual possibility.  Realize you can be whoever you want to be and love yourself, and your life, in all the roles.